How to Get Perfect Realistic Skin

I have so many photoshoots and tips for post processing to write about but so little time. I´m going to France next week and then go to water (is it right expression?). 

In this article I´d like to show you video with skin retouching I did yesterday. I used the same method I described here but I think it´s useful to show you more examples of using this method.

Before & After

On the following photo you can compare how the skin of model looks before and after editing.

 Click on the picture to see it in full size. It´s part of the image which is 100% zoomed.

What You´ll Use

To clean skin similarly as on the picture above you´ll use:
  • the Stamp Tool (S) to clean smaller blemishes and hair in model´s face,
  • two layers of Levels adjustments - one for lightening and one for darkening.
It´s easier to retouch if you have tablet but it´s not necessary. You´ll only need bit more practice with mouse.


Enough talking, there is the video :) It´s speed up on 500% to not to bore you to death. If you have any questions about post processing feel free to ask in comments and I´ll do my best to answer.

More Photos

Photo is part of the photoshoot I had week ago with very photogenic client. She was absolutelly natural in front of camera, came up with different poses and in all was really great to work with.

Below you can see more photos from that photoshoot. Hope Markéta (client) will like them all!


I really hope that the article was useful or interesting for you! As I already said feel free to ask in comments and I´ll try to do my best to answer your questions.

Do you have any useful tutorials, CDs or books about retouching?
And do you agree with all this unrealistic beauty?

Let me know in comments and have a wonderful Monday!