How´s It Done: Princess in Black

It´s been a while since I made the last "How´s It Done" article. It seems that you really enjoy them so the other night I recorded editing of another photo.

In the video you´ll see how you can work with Liguifity filter to give someone´s body nice shape and how you can combine different color adjustments to achieve great color result.

In the video you´ll see how:
  • you can use Liquifity filter to give body nice shape,
  • to use the Stamp Tool (S) to clean up background,
  • to use Levels to fix highlights and shadows in model´s face,
  • to combine different color adjustments to achieve desired result.
Let´s get started!


There is the promissed video. I made it twice faster to not to bore you :)
If you have any questions about post processing feel free to ask. I´ll be really happy to answer them!

Finished Photo

And there is the finished photo. It was taken with sun as back light and I bounced some light back to model´s face with reflector I´ve recently bought.

I´ll definitelly write more about this photoshoot soon so stay tuned :)

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As always I really hope that the article was useful for you and am looking forward to see your comments :)
Have a lovely day. Do you have such a nice, sunny day as here?