Random Thought About Developing Creativity

Today post will be about something slightly different then my usual articles. I want to tell you about a photo experience I had with my cute four years old cousin about a month ago.

I took photos of him ... a lot of photos. And he´s always very courious about them. The conversation about photos is like (except we don´t talk in English):

Me: Can I take a photo of you?
Cousin: No!
Me: Please, I´ll show you the boy (cousin himself) then.
Cousin: Well ... OK.

Then he smiles at me, waits till I take photos of him and then runs to me to see the photos on the display of the camera.

Share Your Experience
During the last visit an idea came to me - he´s always so eager to see the photos I took so what if I borrow him the camera?
I came to him and asked if he want to try it. Then I showed him where the trigger is and that he has to look through the view-finder. He understood what to do imidiately and went through the house and shoot and shoot.

Because I didn´t have my camera I took photo of him shooting on my mobile phone.

And there is one of the photos he took.

Develop Their Creativity
I remember that my mom was very supportive about all the creative stuff during my childhood - me and my sister used to paint a lot with water colors and tempera, draw with crayons, paint on glass, create dolls from paper and sew and knit on our Barbie dolls.

Even if I´m far away from having kids that day with my cousine I decided that when I´ll have them one day I will fully support them in developing their creativity.Because what can be better feeling than wake creative spirit of someone?
Do you join me?

Video of Editing
To make this post at least a little Photoshop related below you can watch video of post processing of the first photo of my cousine.

Have a great week
- Jarka