Add Magical Light in Less Than 7 Minutes

VIDEO INSIDE! In this tutorial I´d like to show you quick and effective way how to create diffused, magical light in your work. It´s very universal way which can be used in both photography and photomanipulation.

Before and After
Let´s take a look at what you will create in this tutorial. You will turn quite ordinary photo of foggy forrest into a magical place where fairy tales come alive.

Photo before and after editing

Tools Used
As I said the way to add ligh described in this tutorial is very easy. To prove it to you let´s take a look at the tools you will use:
  1. Gradient Map,
  2. Hue/Saturation,
  3. Color Balance,
  4. Levels,
  5. High Pass filter,
  6. Brush Tool,
  7. Lens Correction filter.
It´s not many, isn´t it?

Resource Image
I was forced to add watermark to this image because I´ve found some of my previous images uploaded on the internet and people claim it as their own work. I´m really sorry for the honest readers but it´s still possible to complete the tutorial with watermarked picture. Or you can use other stock photo or your own photo!

Other reason why I´ve decided to add watermark is that this image will be part of paid stock images I´m working on. They will be available soon and for a very reasonable price. And for some of you, my dear readers, for free!

Source file for your learning purposes
Let´s get started!
And there is the video with the tutorial. I´d like to recommend you to watch it in full screen mode to see all the details!

Preparing stock for you
As I mentioned above I´m working on set of stock images for you. I´m also preparing a contest for you and these stock images will be one of the prices. So stay tuned!
This one won´t be in the pack because I present it as regular artwork.

I really hope that the tutorial was useful for you and that you enjoyed watching the video. Do you like more written or video tutorials? 
And was everything in the tutorial clear for you? If not let me know in comment and I try to explain it better.

Have a great week!
- Jarka