Photoshoot for Calendar: How to Deal With Inexperienced Models

In this article except from fashion photos I will tell you about the biggest photoshoot I did so far, give you some tips how to deal with non professional models, tell a little about light during cloudy weather and show you some of the "behind the scene" photos and photos from location scouting and also post processing of one of the photos.

Times flies fast
At the beginning of holiday I was contacted by owner of local fashion brand that she wants me to shoot her outfits for a fashion calendar.
We agreed that we would make the photoshoot during the holiday. But during July models din´t have time, first half of the August I was on vacation and second half the designer /owner didn´t have time too.

Because of all the reasons above we were forced to do the shooting first week in September. We set the date but the weather was very bad the whole week and in the day D it seemed thatit will rain all day long. But we didn´t get scared by ugly weather and took photos anyway.
Cloudy weather the whole day
The photoshoot lasts two days. I will write about the second day in other article later.

Finished results
Bellow you can see few finished results from the photoshoot. There will be more but I don´t hae them edited yet. I will post new article with all of them later.

It has many "first"
The photoshoot was something really new for me because it was the first time when
  • I took photos of so many people at one time (five),
  • I took photos of so many outfis (more than ten),
  • I had older women as models.

Cloudy weather is the world bigest softbox
As I said the weather was cloudy the whole day but it wasn´t problem after all because clouds are the world biggest soft box :) you don´t get any dramatic light during this type of weather but on the other hand both lights and shadows are nicely smooth.

The women wanted to take photos with their heads hidden behind hats, masks etc. But I was able to convince them to not to do it. I feel it like a big succes because the photos look much better now.

The photoshoot was also specific in the fact that we had only two hours to take all photos and women didn´t want to go to some distant location.
Because of that it was necessary to do a lot of post processing afterwards.

Bellow you can see the "beautiful" place where the models changed clothes, did their hair etc.
Our base
Mobile cloakroom

How to make non professional models feeling relaxed?
I spent most of the time making ladies to feel relaxed in front of the camera.There is a small list of thing you can do during your photoshoot to help your models feel comfortable.
  • Describe them exactly the pose they should do,
  • tell them that they look well in front of the camera,
  • from time to time show them what photos you have taken so far,
  • let them interact with some prop, they won´t focus too much on the fact that they´re photogrpahed.
On Photo TutsPlus there is great article about working with inexpirienced model - "Modelling 101: Tips for Dealing With an Inexperienced Mode". You should read it.
    Location Scouting
    Week before I visited the location (one of the city parks) and took few photos of possible places for shooting. Bellow you can see few examples.

    Before and After
    As I said above I had to do a lot of post processing on photos. On the pictures bellow you can see one example of the editing.

    After Liquifity Tool
    Blurred background and colors changed with Selective Color
    Lights added
    Some final touches
    Would you be interested in article describing the exact process on this editing?
    Please let me know in comments bellow.