DIY: Silver Photo Reflector For Only $6

In this article I´d like to show you how to create homemade reflector. Reflector finds its use especially in portrait and fashion photography because its primar function is to reflect light back on photographed subject.

To Do List
As you can see on the list bellow there is nothing easier than make your own reflector :)
  1. Go to Tesco or similar store
  2. Buy all necessary stuff
  3. Sew
  4. Take Excellent Photos
What to buy in Tesco?
You will need only two things to make the reflector - car sun shield and car glass shade.

Shopping Cart
Besides things mentioned above you will also need black thread, needle and scissors.

Rip it out!
Rip out the red tape to get the wire which creates the foothold for the shade.
Rip out the tape to get the wire.
Then rip out the black tape from the sun shield. You will need it to sew the shield to the wire.

Create the shape...
Take the cloth and put it on the shield. Take some marker and trace the shape of the cloth.
Trace shape of the cloth.
Cut out the shape.

...and sew it.
Spin the needle and quickly sew the silver shield on the wire.
Sew the shield on the wire quickly.
Take the black tape and sew it precisely arround the wire.
Sew on the black tape.
How to use the reflector?
Reflector is usually used to reflect light back on the object.  Depending on the direction from which the light is reflected you can get different results in your photos.

Basicaly you can reflect light from:
  • left or right,
  • front,
  • top,
  • bellow.
Bellow you can see examples of the reflection. The main light source is light from the window.
No reflector
Reflector from the left
Reflector from the bottom