How´s It Done: Black Swan

In this article I´d like to show you video showing layer by layer how I did my recent manipulation "Black Swan", talk a little about the picture and reason why it was created and show 100% details of the artwork.

About The Manipulation
About two months ago I was asked by director of one of the magazines about Photoshop if I could do a manipulation like "In The Valley of Forgotten Mist" and then write tutorial about it.

I agreed because it would be great to be published in well know Photoshop magazine and start working on the picture. I sent the director written contract and we also set up the price but I never hear from her again.

In The Valley of Forgotten Mist
Even if I had no answer from the director I decided to finished the manipulation because I really liked the mood of the picture. And despite the fact that I won´t write the tutorial for magazine I´m glad that I started and finished the picture.

Black Swan

 I usually don´t create landscape manipulation because I have big problems with making realistic perspective and because of the "magazine order" I was pushed to do something out of my comfort zone which is something I´m really grateful for.
And hopefully I will write tutorial about the picture on some site with Photoshop tutorials.

Making Of
I´ve promissed you the video showing layer by layer how I created this piece. So here it is.

And there are few details zoomed in on 100%.