Why is 50 mm Lens So Awesome?

Recently I´ve read the article "Nifty Fifty: The Benefits of a Fixed 50 mm Lens" and I have to say that I totally agree with all what is said there.

If you´re looking for great quality of your photos for low price this lens should be your choice. It costs arround 100 dollars which makes it the cheapest lens on the market but for such a low price you get outsnanding results of your photos.

Because of f1.8 aperture you can take your photos in the places where is not enough light. Lens makes also very good looking bokeh effect.

Let me show you few examples taken with this lens.
On this photo you can see how the lens shoot lights and shadows. It has really wide range of tones (sorry, not sure if it´s proper term) - it can capture both lights and shadows without over- or underexposing some parts of photos.

There you can see how small the depth of field is. It looks really great if you take portrait photos or some product photos and don´t want to people be distracting by the background.

And last thin I´d like to mention - the bokeh effect, which is just awesome :)

If you are thinking about buying a new lens and aren´t sure which one would be really useful I can recommend you this one. You won´t regret.