Retouch Skin like a Professional

Yesterday I saw the video from Gnomon Workshop about skin retouching in Photoshop. Lot of information about this product you can see on this site.
During the course the lector will show you retouching of two beauty photos (you can see them on preview picture on the top of the article).

It was really interesting to see how professionals work but it wasn´t as instructive as I thought it should be.
Lector basicly described technique of using Dodge and Burn Tool, but for that you don´t need to buy the DVD. You can save your money and look at these two tutorials written by Nienna1990:


I would just add that you should use Dodge and Burn Tool very "softly". In the DVD the lector works with Exposure set to 3% - 5% and very small diameter - about 5px.