Behind the Scene: We Are Transformers

Come Up With Idea
I had the school assigment to create three photo manipulation on the theme "Transformers". I was thinking about some magician who shows you e.g. how the bird changes in cards or something like that.

But then I realized that I don´t need birds and cards to show you the process of transformation because we, people, are transformers too. We transform our planet into something different than it was many years ago.
Then I remembered on this picture:

and I know for sure how the concept will look like :)

Shooting Photos
Once I had an idea I had to wait till my sister (you can find her gallery here) will have (btw what tense should I use in this case?) time and proper clothes so we could start shooting.

Taking photos was quite difficult because of limited space in our room. I need to shoot on 50mm focus but couldn´t go far enough. So I had to sit on the table during shooting :)

The next problem was that I wanted to her hair was flying. We used fan but it wasn´t strong enough. My mum assisted with it and she had to held the fan very close to my sister and at the end of the shooting she almost cried because of the air :)

On the pictures bellow you can see photos of my great team:

Post Processing In Photoshop
Post processing was harder than I thought it will be (the damn tense again :) ) because I had to do many fixes on the photos to change the ligh and shadows.

On the picture bellow you can see one before&after photo.

Stock Photos
I uploaded few photos from this shot on my stock account.

I also wrote the tutorial about how I created the first manipulation from the set. You can find it bellow.

Finished results
Bellow you can see all finished results from this set.