My Second Myself

Hello everyone,
today I´ve finished my second part of my school assigment. The theme was "Shadows" and we should combine working in Photoshop and Illustrator.
Working in Illustrator was really hard for me because of so few lessons we had about it. But despite this fact I have to say that I like the final result.

Finished Result

As you can see the model is my great sister again. You can see her in my previous work "We AreTransformers" too.
It would be really nice if you visit her gallery on DeviantArt.

Shooting The Image
Shooting was a real fun. As usual.
I saw somwhere on the web one very uncomfortable pose and I want to shoot it. But it looked easier than it really was.
Bellow you can see what am I talking about:

The fact that she is smiling really doesn´t mean that it is the pose you want to do one hundred photos long :)

She had face like this more often :)
Hope she won´t find this post :)

Shapes on My Stock Account
Yep. it´s true. Shapes of flickr, Facebook and Delicious will be available on my stock account really soon!

Translation of The Text
I suppose that not all of you understand Czech. So there is the translation of the text from top right corner:

Eva has just finished her delicious dinner.
Today at 18:55.

Eva and Tomáš Šimůnek are friends now.

Eva has just joined the group If 6000 people join this group I will make a huge party at my home.

Eva likes the link from Petra Matoušková.

Eva was marked in photoalbum Todays Skating.

Eva is tired. Go to sleep.