Dream On, Dreamer

It´s been over a year since the last time I´ve created a photo manipulation. It´s not that I didn´t want to I just felt like I have nothing to tell, or better say nothing to show. I knew I had all these images in my head but any time I tried to catch them and bring them on canvas I ended with absolutelly no idea or inspiration. And the harder I tried the less inspiration I got. It was pretty frustrating.
But couple weeks back something has changed. Like if I´ve tapped on a source of inspiration in my head, I finally opened the glass door which kept me away from creating for such a long time. And there they were - all the dreams I forgot after waking up, images of cities in clouds, stars forming the most bizzare objects, colors, shapes. It was all back. 
When I was a child I dreamed about living in clouds where everything is as soft as cotton candy, where you can jump from one cloud to another, fall on them, fly arround while wind is playing with your hair and sun is creating little freckles on your cheecks.
I often visit that places in my dreams. And this image is recreation of one of my recurring visits.


Watch layer by layer how this photo manipulation was done.