How To Enhance Ambient Light

In this article I´d like to show you how you can create more interesting and contrasted ambient light and how you can bring details into darker areas of your photos. To achieve the effect shown below you´ll use these adjustments:
  • Levels,
  • Selective Color,
  • Color Balance,
  • Hue/Saturation.
 Let´s get started!

About the Photo

The photo is part of the set I took for my client on a very photogenic old train station. It was so hot outside that it was pretty hard to focus on shooting and not on how hot it is :)

It was the very first time Nikola (model) was standing in front of camera and posing. To help her with posing I sent her couple of images with interesting poses so she could try them in front of the mirror to see what looks best.

Nikola was little nervous in the beginning but after couple of minutes she seemed to enjoy the whole shooting.


Let´s watch the promissed video, shall we?

More Photos

As I said the featured photo is only part of the set of photos I took during the photoshoot. You can see the rest of the photos below.

Which one is your favorite? I like the one in black and white the most.

Little Habit of Mine

I´ve got a little tradition - after every client´s work I go on coffee or drink, only me to enjoy the feeling that I´ve just spent several hours doing what I absolutelly love.

It was so hot out there while shooting and I needed some serious refreshment, which is why I didn´t order my usual coffee but some tasty mix of fruit juices.