Photoshoot Near Water? Never Ever Forget A Repellent!

Yesterday I and Chrysseis decided that it would be great to make another fashion photoshoot since the last one was real fun and we get quite nice photos. (You can read about that photoshoot in my article "Fashion Photoshoot: Chrysseis").

Finished Results

Hard Learned Lesson
We made really careful and long preparation - chose outfits, did make up and also discussed a location - beautiful, almost magical forrest near our town. But...
Chrysseis doing her smokey eye makeup
Me moisturizing my hair.
... but there was a small problem with our location - another time so quite place was now filled with people from some church camp!
Our location was occupaded by someone else!
But after so many time of preparation we decided to not give it up and started finding another location to shoot.

It didn´t take long and we found a nice small river and field with hay. "Hay?" I though, "that must be great to shoot!" so we stayed there.
But after less than two minutes it came out that the water near by means that there is a lot of mosquitos and another similar annoying monsters!

So we finished up our photoshoot after less than thirty minutes and from yesterday I can not stop scramble myself because of so many stings.

What´s the advice I´ve taken from this shoot?
Never ever forget a repellent if you want to safety shoot near some water!

My Resolution For Next Time
To continually improve my photo skills I want to do some thing better and differently during next photoshoot. Here they are:
  • Wait for better lighting (it showed up that the "magic hour" is at these time one and half hour later than I thought)
  • Be more careful about the light
  • Use artificial light (especially as fill light during backlight shots)
  • Use different color palette than violet/yellow I´m using now
Read More About Our Photoshoot!
Chrysseis has decided to start a blog! It´s a great opportunity for you to read also her point of view about the shoot. Go and check it out here - Chrysseis Art !
She´s a great photographer and I´m pretty sure that she would be very greatfull for every reader, comment etc.
Me by Chrysseis