Your Family: Remember It Through Photos

I didn´t have much free time lately because of exam period and finishing my bachelor thesis. But today I finally have been able to finish the thesis and let it print and there is also only one more exam left (and then big final exam but it´s in three weeks which meand that I finally have some free time for art and also for this blog.

In this post I want to share few photos of my relatives with you. I also want to encourage you to take photos of your realives to make a memory which wouldn´t be forgotten. People get old but with photo you can make every moment last for ever.

How to make good photos of your family?
  1. Take an advantage of know them very well.
  2. Make a pleasant, casual atmosphere.
  3. Shoot them in their natural environment while doing their hobbies or typical daylife photography
  4. Shoot their real mood - don´t tell them to smile if they´re sad.
Technical info:
All photos are shoot with these equipment
  1. Canon EOS 1000D
  2. 50 mm f1.8 lens
  3. natural light

I always admire my parent that they are still happy with each other and can smile so much that they cry :)
And mee by my sis :)
Do you have any tips how to take photos of your family?