People: How To Paint Them

Hello my dear readers,
as some of you may know last couple of months I´ve been trying to improve my drawing and painting skills. It´s really hard for me but I do my best. I´ve found several tutorials and walkthroughts during the process of learning. I want to share them with you as well as some of my attempts in that field.

Written Tutorials

In this tutorial you will find general tips on how to paint people´s face with little cartoonish look.

These two tutorials shows you how to paint lips and eyes in very realistic way.

And there are three tutorials focusing on skin, it´s tones and details. I find them really useful.

Many painters paint young people only, but if you want to paint old people you can get lost ... if there won´t be tutorial like this.

Video Tutorials

There is also a lot of video tutorials showing drawing and painting itself.

Lately I´ve seen a lot of speed painting videos and have to admit that they are really useful.

My Attempts

There is a few of my attempts in that field. I´m quite embarassing to show them to you :)
 and few sketches
and last one - more focused on lights and shadows

Do you know some useful tutorials? And how do you try to improve yourself in painting and drawing?
Let me know! I´m really interested.