High Key Portraits: How To Edit Them

Some people asked me what type of post processing I did on the picture bellow:

This type of portrait is usually called high key portait. For this type of portraits is typical using of very light tones. Usually it is used white or light grey background. To get the effect even more visible you can shoot blond hair models with pale skin.
The opposite of high key portait is low key portrait where dark tones and color are captured.

There is really easy trick how to get the same light colors as in my photography.
I used window as a background and get back light this way which creates nice diffuse light over mode´s hair and face.

To get very light tones I added adjustment layer Gradient Map in Photoshop and set it as you can see on the picture bellow:

And then I changed the Blending Mode of this layer on Soft Light. Bellow it´s shown how the photo looks with and without Gradient Map:
If you want to know more you can look e.g. at this tutorial.

Hope that this article was useful for you! If you have any questions feel free to ask me in comments!