How´s It Done: You Can Not Frost The Time

After a very long time I finally made a new manipulation called You Can Not Frost The Time. You can see it on my deviantart page. In this article I want to show you some details of the work and few steps which I prinscreened during making it.

Click on the image to see it larger. Details are 100% zoomed.

Nothing so special on this one. Just three pictures of mine put together.

Added photo of the demon and the wizard. Also changed the composition.

Many work on the demon ... have to made it in separate file because my computer just didn´t manage to work with such a big file ( 560 mB).

Added water.

More work on water and also changed the hourglass.

Added the frost effect over the demon´s hand.

Changed lighting and added final coloring.

And with completely changed head :)

I spend abou 15 hours doing this manipulation. Most of the time it was work on the demon.

There is detailed tutorial about how i created this photomanipulation:

If you have some ideas how to improve this work, please let me know.